Homemade Diaper Genie

This post is a little bit off topic, but for those of you who are still changing diapers it will be useful!

If you’re like me you have WAY too many Wal-Mart bags.   I typically use mine for the bathroom trash can, and Aldis trips.  That is until I discovered another use for them.  Instead of throwing them away where they will stay in a landfill forever unused try this tactic.baby-23828_1280

The next time your baby has a stinky diaper try the following steps:

  1. Grab AT LEAST two Wal-Mart sacks.
  2. Place the dirty diaper in one of the sacks.
  3. Roll the sack around the diaper until you get to the handles.
  4. Tie the handles
  5. Place the first bag in the second, and repeat.

Continue with as many bags as you need.  Celebrate!  Your house doesn’t smell like poo anymore!  Now you don’t have to run outside to the dumpster, or wish that you hadn’t taken out the trash yet every time your baby has a poo!!

Does anyone else have any other ideas on what to do with your leftover Wal-Mart sacks?  They can be quite handy.

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